The Rose Gold Classics

Conceived of in a dream on a trip to outer space, he aligned the stars to create
The Rose Gold Classics. Four unique vocal talents brought together to celebrate the mid-century American songbook in all its haze and glory.

Vocalists: Naomi Melvin, Tammy Whetham,
Emily McDonald, Janelle McGuinness
Piano: Bevan Bühler
Drums: Eric Woolston
Director: Kyle Kofsky


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Belting is Your Birthright!

Belting is Your Birthright!BELTING IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT:
Exploring the science of the sounds and how to teach it.

Join voice teachers Amie Debrone and Tammy Whetham as we discuss the basics of belting technique. You will learn what exactly belting is, how it’s produced, how to teach it, and experiment with creating some of the sounds! We will explore technical exercises, listening examples, physics, anatomy, terms, and more! Tammy and Amie have studied extensively in this field with some of the best teachers in the industry and can’t wait to share their love for this technique with you! If you’re curious about your own singing or how to help your students find that desired sound in a healthy way, then don’t miss out on this opportunity! This workshop is recommended for voice teachers and advanced voice students.

Location: KW Musical Productions Rehearsal Hall
14 Shaftsbury Drive, Kitchener
Date: Sunday, April 24
Time: 4pm-7pm
Cost: $50 workshop or $60 to sing in the masterclass portion
(Fee includes registration, materials to take home, and light refreshments.)
Accompanist: Becky Booker

Contact to register and secure your spot!

Confidential Musical Theatre

IMG_3055 IMG_3069

I had the pleasure of performing the role of Fay Apple in “Anyone Can Whistle” with Toronto’s Confidential Musical Theatre Project on Friday, February 26.  All Confidential Theatre shows are performed with NO rehearsals.  The cast members meet each other for the first time one hour before the performance.  The audience arrives having no clue what musical they are about to see and the cast doesn’t stop no matter what! “Anyone Can Whistle” is a wild quirky show and I’m thankful for the opportunity to play this role in this crazy and thrilling capacity.